How to Deal with Reality and Online Bullies

Why do people bully? Could it be to help their pride? Perhaps it is to gain attention. Whatever the reason may be, here is a way to deal with them.

Whether or not the bully’s purpose is to improve their pride, gain attention, or bug the hell out of you, the best thing to do isĀ ignore them. If you ignore them, they may continue to irritate you, but you should never give them a reaction. Never acknowledge their existence. Eventually, they will stop.

Pride is all about outshining others, and if these people cannot bring themselves up, they must push others down. If they approach you with a group of friends, just continue doing what you are doing. After a while, they will realize they do not mean anything to you. They will not waste their time. A person who bullies to gain attention will be hurt when they are continuously ignored. If they resort to bullying to gain positive attention, then ignoring is the best mechanism to hurt them back. They will feel bad because they are not even worth negative attention. For people who enjoy bugging others, their main goal is to get a reaction. Almost everyone loves reactions. That is why people mention dirty things to the opposite sex, why I make controversial jokes with my friends, and why everyone plays peekaboo with babies. Ignoring this type of person will leave the bully unfulfilled.

This tactic is perfect for cyberbullying (works best for online lives, opposed to reality online such as social networks, but it still works). In ourWorld, many people like to “meet” outside of the game through other means such as Skype, Tiny Chat, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. It is inevitable to encounter a bully in or out of the game. I think it is much easier to ignore these bullies, for they do not know you or your personal information in reality and with a click of a report/block button, they are gone.

If your bully is in reality and they become violent, just walk away. My history teacher, who fought multiple times during his younger years (around high school age), gave my class and me this information. He said that the other person is unlikely to follow you and make you fight them.

Tip: Whatever the person is feeling inside will not show through on the inside. They don’t want you to know how unsatisfied they feel when you ignore them. The only downside to ignoring a bully is that there is a chance YOU won’t see their reaction, but what matters more- your happiness or theirs?

tl;dr Bullies don’t exist.

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert, nor do I guarantee any results. These strategies reflect my beliefs that have not been completely tested but self-tested and proved wonderful results for each social experiment. ADDITIONALLY, I do not endorse any declining of mental health, but I believe ignoring is a passive way to stop bullies.

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