Winter Formal 2014

Winter Formal this year was much different from last year. One major difference is that I dressed quite fancy, considering I was Sophomore Princess. The theme was (Sadie Hawkins) Beauty and a Beat and the games were Just Dance and some Xbox plane games. The desserts were out by the time we arrived (my boyfriend and I were the second couple in).
This year, the theme was Patriotic Ball and the games were casino games (Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker(?)). In 3 years, I bet there will be a big boom of kids from my school in Vegas, so expect an increase in poverty. Other differences include the fact I didn’t run for princess/queen again and I dressed extremely casual. I wore a $20 2b dress along with some black boots and a black jacket. Not to mention my hair was straight and my face had blue eyeshadow and liquid foundation (hate that shit). The only thing really “formal” about my outfit was my Coach wristlet.

Let’s begin at the time we arrived. All names will be confidential. Boyfriend and I are greeted by friend A, dressed like Secret Service. I hold my hand out for a handshake, and what does he say? “No, you’re a girl! I’m gonna give you a hug.” And “it feels so weird giving a girl a handshake.” Really? Get used to it because you’re definitely not going to hug the woman you buy your house from or the woman who will lend you the money to do so. If I say I do not want a hug, respect that. Since you made it a misogynistic ordeal, I will bring feminism into it. This is my body, and if I don’t want you touching it (remember you said you hug girls to feel their boobs?), then I reserve the right to stay away from you.

He was not the only boy who violated equality. Other people from his group at school (and were my friends, too) did the same. I held my hand out for friends B, C, and D. For the first two, I gave in to, like friend A. With friend D, I was fed up. I refused to be treated unequally. They gave my boyfriend a handshake, and did not want to give me one, justifying it with “you’re a girl”. Yeah? So what? I’m a girl. I’m also a human.

I had other male friends who gave me handshakes, no questions asked. I did give hugs to them after, for I do not always mind giving hugs. I see handshakes as a sign of respect. I have come to the conclusion that honor students are more likely to be open to giving females handshakes than average students.

Let’s talk a little bit about last year’s formal. As far as the theme goes, I feel like there could have not been a more perfect theme to run for (aside from the fact it was based on Justin Bieber). Sadie Hawkins means the girls ask the boys (assuming we are discussing heterosexual couples). Though I believe it should not matter who asks who, I think this shift of power is beneficial to show girls that they can have the power to do it. However, asking someone to a dance is so minuscule that it is not that big of a deal.

Let’s focus on the song of the dance, Beauty and a Beat. This song is probably my guilty pleasure, for I dislike such a despicable member of society being raised on a pedestal he does not deserve (it’s not just about the rape comment, people). In this song, Justin Bieber, a boy, sings the melodic parts and Nicki Minaj, a girl, raps. Most songs that feature melodic and rap parts are typically rapped by a boy and sung by a girl. Additionally, Nicki Minaj is one of the few successful female contemporary rappers (and one of my idols). There were no BAAB decorations at the dance, unfortunately, with the exception of purple balloons.

tl;dr I won princess last year and my guy friends don’t respect me enough to give me a handshake when I ask for it instead of a hug.

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