Another View on 23 Trends Guys Hate

In case you haven’t heard, there has been a lot of talk on Tumblr about this article about women’s clothing. Basically, someone from Huffington Post interviewed a bunch of men, asking them for their take on women’s fashion. Many people found this article to be objectionable and frowned upon the author, a woman named Ellie Krupnick.

I believe that the post was not meant to be interpreted as “don’t wear this because men hate it”. All the author says regarding the men is:

“We often get the creeping feeling men don’t understand our devotion to harem pants and tie-dye rompers quite as much as we’d hope… So we decided to chat with some men in our lives about some of the latest fashion trends that women love. It seems that they don’t appreciate things in exactly the same way we do.”

Nowhere does she say that women must obey men or succumb to their standards of fashion. She’s just voicing the opinions and oppressive opinions of men on fashion.

Another fault in this piece is that she never states how many men were interviewed… or how many men actually liked the clothes they saw. For all we know, the few quotes under the pictures could have been said by 3 men out of the 45 interviewed*. That being said, I don’t interpret every comment on these clothes as oppressive, but there were some comments that were inexcusable.

*Numbers are not confirmed nor true.

Here is my honest opinion on most of the trends listed, including my criticism on what some of the men said. WARNING: These are my opinions and I do not want anyone who wears these clothes to take any offense. Most of the time, I criticize clothes because I usually can’t find anything I like in clothing stores, mainly because these are taking up the space of possible new trends. Withouth further ado, here’s my intricate review of 23 Trends Guys Hate.

I don’t like most peplums. The only good peplum tops, skirts, or dresses I see have structure and “poofiness”, but even so, I’m not a big fan of these. However, I do like that the girls who wear it find that is balances out their body. In the picture for peplums, the skirt looks great. For the record, I own 1 peplum dress from 2B.

I love beanies. I have at least 4 of them. I wear them over my eyebrows and ears and they keep me warm, especially during the 5 times I was sick this past season. I think that the man who called them “dumb” and “clearly not even for warmth” probably said that because beanies are typically deemed a male item (even though they’re “clearly” unisex).

Wedge Sneakers-
Gotta love sneakers. I take pride in the 3 pairs of Converse I have owned. However, I’m pretty anti-heel due to the health risks and problems they bring. Yes, the wedge sneakers make you taller, but I would never buy them because of the health issue, and honestly, I think the wedge part looks a bit silly when it’s tucked in, instead of looking like a high top.

Floppy Hats-
Other than beanies, I’m not a hat person, so I pretty much would not wear floppy hats. I agree with the man on the “bohemian” part, but ONLY the word “bohemian”. Most of the time, I do not like and will not wear boho. These hats are not an exception, but I gotta say those girls look cute!

Open-side Shirts-
OPPRESSIVE COMMENT ALERT! “Shirts that reveal the sides of their bodies showing their bra… do you know what I mean?” I think the author chose this comment because it was the only negative sounding comment she had, and it was probably from her dad. Let’s be honest, with the sexualization of females, this shirt is like the holy grail for horny men who want x-ray vision. (Not that I approve of gawking, but in today’s society, that is something that these women understand will happen when they wear shirts like these, and are usually paired with bandeaus, not bras.) Anyway, I don’t think I own one of these shirts, but I’m sure they keep women cool. If men get to go topless during football practice at school, then wearing one of these shirts during tennis practice should not be a problem.

Bright Red Lipstick & Heavy Eye Makeup-
I’m not a fan of lipstick, but sometimes I wear heavy eye makeup. More than likely, I’ll wear neutral eye colors or a dark red-brown lip color when I’m wearing make up. Anyway, these men are so quick to judge about makeup because they’re probably living under the false belief that women always wear makeup for men. Though that case might be true on some occasions, I think women typically wear makeup for the same reasons they wear nice clothes- to outdress other women and play dress up. Really, it’s fun to play dress up, and I recommend it to men.

Bandeau Bikinis-
I like bandeaus, but my problem with them is that I must keep pulling them up. My grandma received a free blue bandeau from Guess when she bought a $99 purse, and that is the best bandeau I’ve had as far as holding itself up. However, it was really tight. The “Bikinis without straps” was absolutely neutral. Like, no duh, that’s what they are. About the linebacker’s shoulders comment, I think that was pretty sexist. I’m picturing a man with broad shoulders, a characteristic in my genes (and the purpose of shoulder pads for women). That man saying that comment is like saying a woman cannot have the stature or silhouette of a man. I’m not very sure why men wouldn’t like this. After all, it’s merely a small piece of fabric covering our breasticles.

Pointy Toes-
I would not wear them at my age. I consider all pointy toed shoes an item for the older women. It represents maturity and dominance. I’d imagine a business woman, young, middle aged, or elderly, wearing these.

Fake Fingernails-
I’m a daughter of an ex-manicurist, so I grew up loving my nails and hoping they’d grow longer (but I bite them). The things I hate about fake fingernails is that they get in the way for some tasks… especially taking out contacts.

High Waisted Jeans & Shorts-
I do not like the high waisted jean bottoms trend. I hate these because sometimes I’ll find a really nice pair of bottoms… and they’re high waisted. The trend went really big in 2013, and it was hard for me to find a good pair of low waisted shorts. As for the comment about showing too much butt, I can’t help but to agree. My argument is very weak, but it is a rule that only applies to me. I want to separate this from the rest of the paragraph.

I understand that feminism is about everyone’s own choices and showing what they want to show. A Muslim woman wearing a burqa COULD have as much choice as a Christian woman wearing a bandeau and high waisted shorts that show “too much” butt. Feminism is about living up to this standard that you must “dress for yourself”, but I think showing the bottoms of my buttcheeks is cutting the line. See, I consider my vagina and my butt my private parts. I do not count breasts as private parts, but I will cover them up because I want to. If I see a girl at Venice Beach with her butt cheeks hanging out of her shorts, I will assume her shorts are too small for her and her ass is dirty from wherever she sits. Along with that, there must be a limit to how high shorts can go, for we wear bottoms to keep things from getting into our private parts. Besides, if men do not show their asses in public, then I think it is pretty equal if we say the same about women. The public would definitely say something if a random man’s ass was hanging out in public.

High Waisted Skirts-
I like these. It was weird for me the first time I bought and wore my first high waisted skirt from Hollister, but now I own 3 high waisted skirts (2 flowy, 1 pencil). I think the quote about these skirts is utter bullshit. Women have worn high waisted skirts and dresses for generations. Look at poodle skirts!

Fold-Over Ankle Boots-
I like them, but I do not own any pairs. “Foreskins”. REALLY? You hate these boots because they remind you of penises? Really? Where’s Seth and Amy to cover this?

Ultra-High Heels-
“Guys won’t be looking at your shapely physique if”. Oops, I guess some guy thinks women dress for him. I like the man who said that he’d rather a girl wear able shoes. He didn’t make the shoes about him, but he just cared about the women’s feet. As I mentioned earlier, I would not and do not like to wear heels because of health problems.

This guy was really oppressive. He flat out said “You’re a woman. Not a man”. Thanks for the sexist honestly, buddy. I would not wear pantsuits at my age, but I probably would as a businesswoman. Like pointed shoes, they represent dominance and maturity, something this sexist bitch wants women to lack.

Drop Crotch Pants-
They look comfortable, but I would not want to be seen in these. They do not look too bad on the first and third girls in the pictures. I’m just glad these are not too popular in teenage clothing stores.

Hair Bows-
Love em, but don’t have any. I want one, though. So wait, assuming these men are the same from the past men who criticized pantsuits and pointed shoes, what do they want? Bows are too young for women, and pantsuits and pointed shoes are too mature? This is why people should never live up to someone else’s expectations.

I don’t have a problem with the sound, but the man’s comment is not oppressive. He just does not like the click-clack of bangles. I like bangles, but I haven’t worn any in so long.

Oversized Sweaters-
I love the trend, but I don’t have any of these.

Mullet Dresses-
Haha, some guy hates them because they’re “covering the back”. He must not be the guy who hates buttcheeks falling out of high waisted shorts. I don’t think I could see myself wearing these because it would be super annoying to have a bunch of fabric in the back that is not in the front.

There are some pretty tacky styles for leggings, but for the most part, they’re wonderful.

Shoulder Pads-
Eh… Not big on them. Not because of any affiliation with men, but they look out of place on the first and second women. Third woman looks great.

Bottom line is that I don’t think this article was meant to bring any woman down. The title was very misleading by giving the impression that every man thinks of women’s fashion this way. It should have said “What do some men have to say about these female fashion trends?”.  In the title, I think the “(But Women Love)” somewhat gives women a reason to wear them. It is like saying “These men hate our fashion, but we love them anyway so we’ll wear them”.

Readers should also keep in mind that men are entitled to their opinions about clothes, as long as they’re not oppressive. They can say that they don’t like peplum or high waisted shorts without giving a reason other than “I just don’t like it”. A feminist man does not need to love every trend out there, and a sexist man could love them all.

tl;dr Keep wearing your fashion, women! Just because some men don’t like what we wear does not mean you have to please them.

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