Catching Fire

It’s almost the end of winter break, and I realized that I had not watched Catching Fire, yet. I read the book two years ago (and finished the series a week after that), so I knew what was in store. The movie has been out for almost 2 months, so I feel quite ashamed of myself for not seeing it sooner. At the end of the movie, no one clapped (which I love at the theaters…) and no one ever put up their 3 fingers to show support for the rebellion. Of course, that’s what happens when the movie has been out for so long. Most of the viewers are just people who didn’t read the book and don’t understand the culture of Panem.

This post will contain spoilers.

The movie was amazing, and I think it’s safe to say it was better than the last one. I watch THG a couple of weeks ago because I was exploring my Netflix. However, this book has been tainted and molded by Hollywood. Some vital pieces were missing and the story was more romanticized than it should have been.

See, The Hunger Games, to me, is not a story about love. It is about a young girl, just like me, who overturns a government. It’s about bravery and teamwork. Yes, I understand that Gale kisses Katniss and there are a few parts where Peeta and Katniss kiss, but if those were so important to the story, then why don’t I remember reading those parts? (I actually think the Gale kiss was important, for it still showed that there is a bit of a love triangle). This isn’t Mockingjay, where this absurd love triangle is more exposed but intertwined with Katniss’s decisions as leader. There was more “love” in this movie than there needed to be.

Now for the details that I remember were NOT in the movie.

WHY THE FUCK DID PLUTARCH NOT SHOW KATNISS HIS WATCH. THAT WAS FUCKING IMPORTANT. Katniss did not need the watch to know that the game was based on a clock, but it would be helpful for the audience that has not read the book to understand that at the end of the movie, Plutarch is part of the rebellion. It sure as hell seemed to me he was an ass during the movie (and that was the point of his lines), but Plutarch’s hint of the clock is such a big part! How could Hollywood omit that?

I am extremely fucking pissed that we did not get to see young Haymitch win the Hunger Games. Remember how the girl threw the weapon (hammer, was it?) and it bounced back and killed her? That is another detail that fits in nicely. You know, because the movie/book is so focused on force fields.

Wasn’t there a part where Katniss and Gale (at least Katniss I remember) were on the other side of the fence and they were in a hurry to return, but the fence was suddenly electrified so they needed to climb a tree to get back to 12?

Not that I’m interested in eye candy, but Finnick’s costume was definitely NOT what I had in mind. He was supposed to be almost naked except with a net covering his junk. Then again, that’s not PG-13 in a patriarchal society.

District 11’s rebellion went by much different. It involved aircraft and hiding in shelters.

PEETA’S LEG IS AN IMPORTANT PART. They omitted this fact from the first book, which irritates me. He has a prosthetic leg, which affects his walking during the poison scene in the second book.

I don’t remember gold having anything to do with the book, but it’s nice to know that Effie is in on the rebellion.

Here are some positive points about the movie.

The time before the Quarter Quell went by faster than it did in the book, which I liked because I prefer the action in the arena over drama in the districts.

Johanna is my favorite character. She has a rebellious personality, confidence with her body (the scene in the elevator was my FAVORITE), and the bravery to cuss on TV in an “immaculate” society (I’m surprised there wasn’t more cussing in the movie. After all, the movie is filled with miserable people). I think the only reason that she isn’t the face of the rebellion, other than the fact that the author chose Katniss, is that people probably don’t like her. She’s sarcastic and degrading. Though Katniss doesn’t seem to try, she wants people to like her… and the odds are in her favor.

Hollywood DID follow the book for most of it. Obviously, there wouldn’t be a movie without it. The adaptation is much better than Percy Jackson, which we should never speak of again.

If there is anything else about the movie, I’ll add an edit.

“OH! Mahogany!”

EDIT: Overall, Catching Fire was amazing and I CAN’T wait for Mockingjay.

I bet you $50 that-
1. Mockingjay will be in 2 parts
2. The love triangle will be in our faces more than it should, which will completely overthrow the meaning of Mockingjay and THG series. I hope I don’t win this part of the bet.

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