I’ve gone on an unfollowing spree because many boys decided to display their sexism.

1 on Instagram, 3 on Twitter.

For IG, I unfollowed a guy because he basically said women should not fight men because “it’s not pretty.” This is exactly the problem. Women are expected to be beautiful and fair, but when they try to size up to a man or fight (you know, be rebellious), they get criticized by boys like this guy. What’s funny is that he wrote a long paragraph about why he thinks she shouldn’t fight, but really he means ‘Women shouldn’t fight men because they’re pretty girls.”

1st and 2nd on Twitter

These guys have said some pretty uneducated things about women, but they crossed the line when they started slut shaming. One would rant about keeping their pussy tight and other things. The other retweeted sexist things (like an ex-bf saying his girl has no self-respect because she is a slut).

So, are you next?

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