ourWorld: Level 100

Back in 2008, the Dizzywood people began to move to ourWorld for reasons such as “escaping drama” or “finding more fun”. Wanting to stick with my friends, I reluctantly followed them after putting up a fuss. My reason for not leaving? My ourWorld character was a lower level than everyone else. Throughout my consistent ourWorld life (2008-2010), I found levels a source of stress for me. Of course, I was 10-13 years old throughout those years. Nonetheless, we girls (I don’t remember any boys being part of our Dizzy-ourWorld clique) admired the few, the proud, the level 100s. Whenever we saw one, we’d be amazed at how far they were. Back then, ourWorld was still young and flow boosters only came 50% bracelets and 20% pool sticks. The maximum boost one could have (not including group boost) was 120%, if I’m not mistaken. Under these circumstances, only the wealthy in gems and time could attain level 100 in 2008-mid 2009.

On July 5, 2010, I, too, became part of the 100 club. Of course, it wasn’t as elite anymore. I wasn’t setting a standard or goal, I was reaching the bar everyone else had set. Everyone was 100 by then. My friend bought me a jetpack (I assume she was one of the elite 100s back in the day. She had multiple lv100 accounts). It was a big celebration to be level 100.

We’ve reached a new generation of ourWorldians that now include my little brother’s age group. His age group was under 10 when my age group was taking over ourWorld, so most of the avid players did not play ourWorld until the last year. The avid players of my generation are gone. They either have school, families, relationships, etc. Of course, there are still people from my age group and well over 20 who continue to play the game, but they do not take up the majority of players (though they make up the majority of the game’s income). Along with this new group of kids, the maximum level has been raised from 100 to 150. I am currently lv107.

My question is: What does it mean now to be level 100?

A level 51 boy claims that it means “wasting your life on this [game]”. A level 32 girl believes “it is just another level”. Two boys, lv16 and lv20 replied “idk” and “nothing”.

I asked on the ourWorld forums what they thought about the topic, and most of them said that it was no big deal. Most of the 6 people who replied were under lv100 and I assume the majority were between 14-16 years old. These are statistics I took at 5:34 PM. One person mentioned it is an exciting thing to them, currently.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any evidence to show that the level was a huge achievement to most players, but you can take my word for it, right?

So, what made lv100 less of a big deal? Was it the maximum level raise? Was it the increase of lv100s? What do you think?

EDIT:  I believe one of the forumers would like me to point out that not all of the forum replies were made by people in the 14-16 age group.

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