My Favorite Chicken Smoothie Designs

All designs are not mine.

There are a few litters on CS that I absolutely love. Here they are.

This is the Porcelain China Bwolf litter. Somehow, I was able to predict the name before I decided to look. I fell in love with the designs, and now I’m looking for the Lavender one.


Though Bwolves have a soft spot in my heart, these next two litters are dogs. The peacock litter is my favorite because peacocks have always fascinated me (and my 2013 formal princess dress was Peacock inspired). If I were to have a fursona, it would probably be a male peacock.


This next litter had a PPS dog that grew up (Peter Pan Syndrome, for you non-players, is when the dog never grows up). Here is the Final Fantasy litter.



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