I Bought my First VS Pink Bra

After some long consideration, I decided not too long ago that as a feminist, I should embrace femininity to a certain, comfortable extent. I decided to buy one of the most expensive bras I’ve ever bought, if that makes sense. For about $16, I bought my first (lightly lined) PINK bra. Long ago, I ridiculed VS and PINK for being so expensive and somehow ranting how “shameful” it is for a 15 year old girl to wear those things. I admit, I was a misogynist. (We learn after all, right?) As compensation for my wrongful accusations, I was chose to buy something from Victoria’s Secret or PINK. My rules were that it needed to be reasonably priced (no more than $20 is comfortable for me), could not have “PINK” too visible (I don’t like advertisement shirts), and fit me well. I didn’t want to buy panties, the loungewear did not comply with my rules, so my only choice was a bra. I came in during a big clearance (it’s Dec 27 today). I found a 36C bra, which is a little tight, but the assistant assured me it’ll stretch, and I bought it. I really like it.

Now let me set something straight here. I may have broken my VS rule, but I still refuse to wear push up bras, thongs, velour apparel (the texture irks me), or yoga pants.

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