Chicken Smoothie Trades (A Rant)

I often trade on, a website where everyone is obsessed with rare pets and items (I admit it). Some of the habits of some people irritate me, so here they are.

1. Hoarders
Hell made a special place for these people; of course, the devil hoards hoarders. I’m not talking about the junk people with problems, I mean the people who are so obsessed with a certain pet that they decide to keep 100s of them. Okay, sometimes it is 20, 30, 50. The thing I hate about it is that many of these hoards are high demand pets, like the Sunback, Toxic Green, Final Fantasy PPS, etc. I think hoarders are selfish. Why do you need so many of the same pet? You can barely do much with one. I mean, sure, we all have a right to certain freedoms, and that is why I don’t think that Tess should make it against the rules. However, I’m quite sure that she is just as irritated as I am because that is why she created the Dec 18 Re-releases. I cannot tell you how many times my brother and I wanted a certain pet (such as Final Fantasy PPS, PeaPS, other rare pets) and we found someone was hoarding it! It’s so frustrating.

2. NFT
Why is your NEFT open for trades if they’re Not For Trade? Are you trying to be a snob and shove your hoards and rares down our throats? There are forums, signatures, and your trading rules to brag about your large collection of pets. We’re given the option to open and close categories for a reason. I think it’s hilarious when someone writes in their rules “Stop asking for my __pet__!! He’s NEFT. READ IT.” And then the pet is on the first page that pops up or another category labeled “Rares/Very Rares NFT”. I understand that the pets are “NEFFFFFFFT”, but I don’t get how you don’t make use of your resources and actually close it. If you’re that stuck up and decide to show off your pets this way (it’s okay to show your pets by other means, but you’re stuck up if you brag through trading groups), then you deserve the people who ask to trade for your beloved pet. That’s the price you pay for snobbery.

**Disclaimer: I am quite a narcissist myself, but doing this is too far. I actually do my part and close my groups.

3. 1000 Categories Open For Trade
Typically the people who show off their “NEFTS” have all of their categories open, and sometimes there are loads of them. Other times, there are people who are interested in trading any pet and don’t mind if they get a good offer on their Galaxy, and I have nothing to say about those people. However, the other people leave their categories open, complain that people trade for them, and write down NFT on every category. If you have the time and energy to write NFT on everything, you can close your categories, too.

4. Code Words
I read your rules. It’s kind of hard not to when they’re the first thing I see on the screen. Your code word is unnecessary, because people can still break the rules if their read them. Are you really going to pass up a good trade because the other party refused to mention it or “didn’t read your rules”?

I understand that CS is a place for braggers, debauchery, and collectors. I understand many people take pride in their pets. Yet, if I, a self-proclaimed selfish person, can live without showing off my pets, so can you. This rant is NOT fueled by jealousy, as I have List Pets and a considerable amount of Warrior Cats. I utterly despise those who follow these trends.

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