High School

High School… It sounded scary in 8th grade. Now, it’s all I want to stay in. Aside from the homework stress, I love this time of my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without high school, or any school for that matter.

I went through many firsts during this period of life, but there are a few accomplishments that mean the most to me.

-Meeting hundreds of people every school year (I’m a Junior now)
-Bonding with people like me who I never thought would exist
-Finding my inner politician
-Winning Sophomore formal princess
-Achieving an almost 4.3 GPA (4.17 with a B+ in Spanish)

I could never graduate early. It’s hard for me to understand why others would… Of course they don’t have the same opportunities and accomplishments as I do. I mean this in the most neutral way.

I just don’t want to leave high school. It’s the edge of childhood. I may be 17 when I graduate in two years, but I can feel myself falling off the cliff already.

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