I think the idea of virginity is degrading. It is one of the factors that enforces our society to determine a woman’s worth by her sex life. Virginity is not as associated with men as it is with women. You hear about the Virgin Mary, not Virgin Marty. If a girl has lots of sex, she is considered unclean, unwrapped, and unworthy of marriage. There are men who want to marry a virgin, but they daily (or nightly) fuck around.
And then there are the different types of virginity- lip virgin, hand virgin, oral virgin, and sex virgin. Why does this even matter? It’s okay to know what your partner has done, but why does there need to be a big deal about it? If there must be some virginity in the world, then how about this- if you’ve ever come in contact with another’s genitalia (assuming it is consensual), you’re not a virgin.
Also, there are the people who think that virginity makes a person lame. It is unfortunate that these people determine a girl’s or boy’s worth by how active their sex life is.
I’m not trying to degrade the idea of abstinence, saving virginity until marriage, or knowledge of your partner’s sex life. I am claiming that the idea of virginity is harmful to a person. Not having a virginity could mean a woman is dirty to men, but having it could mean a woman/man is prude (though this is not as big of a deal as the former). The voices of women who want a virgin man are nowhere as loud as men who want a virgin woman.
People should not be shackled by their sexuality. Sex is natural. Sex is fun. Sex is (should be) enjoyable. It’s something almost everyone does once in their lifetime, so why is it so taboo and sacred?

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