High School

High School… It sounded scary in 8th grade. Now, it’s all I want to stay in. Aside from the homework stress, I love this time of my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without high school, or any school for that matter.

I went through many firsts during this period of life, but there are a few accomplishments that mean the most to me.

-Meeting hundreds of people every school year (I’m a Junior now)
-Bonding with people like me who I never thought would exist
-Finding my inner politician
-Winning Sophomore formal princess
-Achieving an almost 4.3 GPA (4.17 with a B+ in Spanish)

I could never graduate early. It’s hard for me to understand why others would… Of course they don’t have the same opportunities and accomplishments as I do. I mean this in the most neutral way.

I just don’t want to leave high school. It’s the edge of childhood. I may be 17 when I graduate in two years, but I can feel myself falling off the cliff already.



I think the idea of virginity is degrading. It is one of the factors that enforces our society to determine a woman’s worth by her sex life. Virginity is not as associated with men as it is with women. You hear about the Virgin Mary, not Virgin Marty. If a girl has lots of sex, she is considered unclean, unwrapped, and unworthy of marriage. There are men who want to marry a virgin, but they daily (or nightly) fuck around.
And then there are the different types of virginity- lip virgin, hand virgin, oral virgin, and sex virgin. Why does this even matter? It’s okay to know what your partner has done, but why does there need to be a big deal about it? If there must be some virginity in the world, then how about this- if you’ve ever come in contact with another’s genitalia (assuming it is consensual), you’re not a virgin.
Also, there are the people who think that virginity makes a person lame. It is unfortunate that these people determine a girl’s or boy’s worth by how active their sex life is.
I’m not trying to degrade the idea of abstinence, saving virginity until marriage, or knowledge of your partner’s sex life. I am claiming that the idea of virginity is harmful to a person. Not having a virginity could mean a woman is dirty to men, but having it could mean a woman/man is prude (though this is not as big of a deal as the former). The voices of women who want a virgin man are nowhere as loud as men who want a virgin woman.
People should not be shackled by their sexuality. Sex is natural. Sex is fun. Sex is (should be) enjoyable. It’s something almost everyone does once in their lifetime, so why is it so taboo and sacred?

Krewella’s LP Get Wet

*I do not own any song or album rights.*
1. Live for the Night
2. We Go Down
3. Come & Get It
4. Enjoy the Ride
5. We Are One
6. Dancing with the Devil
7. Alive
8. Pass the Love Around
9. Ring of Fire
10. Human
11. Killin’ It
12. This is Not the End

It is rare to find an album where every song is enjoyable. Of course, they all sound very alike, but typically an artist always has a certain “sound” to them. The songs that stood out to me were Human, This is Not the End, Live for the Night, and Alive. To be honest, I only included LFTN and Alive because they were my favorites before Get Wet was released. In fact, I can (poorly) perform Alive on the piano. Don’t get me started on the drop in Alive.
Human might be my favorite new song. The beginning is quite relaxing, but the song comes to a crescendo that suddenly it becomes dramatic, getting me on my toes. And talk about that drop! Well, it’s nothing absolutely dirty, but it’s a good drop for a “relaxing” song. The lyrics “Pain is an illusion. This is just a bruisin'” definitely gets in my head. I love the lyrics to this song.
I think Ring of Fire and Enjoy the Ride are other favorites, but all of the songs sound so alike that it is hard to differentiate them.

I give this album a 4/5. Could’ve been 5/5 if there was more diversity.

Hello World

Isn’t that the title of the “first” blog post on WordPress? Obviously, it was automatically generated, but that doesn’t mean I can’t choose that title.

Anyway, I’m no new blogger. The idea of blogging is appealing to me, about 4 years after I stopped. I’m returning, with a new blog because I want to talk about things that matter to me: music, playlists, life, criticisms of sexist trends, etc. I started a new blog to separate my old content from the new.

I don’t wish to please anyone. That’s why I chose WordPress over Tumblr. Tumblr allows other people to be more involved in my posts, and I do not want that. I do, however, hope you enjoy my blog.