Goals for Spring 2018

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, this is my last semester living at home. This is the last year living at home (until I graduate with my Bachelor’s). So these goals are a little more important to my life now.

  1. Earn As in OChem II, Genetics, and Speech
  2. Learn to accept that I am not the best
  3. Start the process of volunteering at a hospital
  4. Find housing for university
  5. Learn to live in the present- not the future
  6. Fix my power steering hose
  7. Learn to cook quick meals

Travel Destinations 2018

I may have mentioned before that this is the last year I will live at home because I’m going to university in September. Most likely, I will stay in Southern California, but I will not be with my parents while I am at school. Typically, I take classes during summer, but because I will be transferring, I cannot attend a summer semester in my next school and there is nothing left to take at community college. This gives me the perfect opportunity to travel. Considering I traveled by myself in Israel for almost a month, I feel confident in traveling to the next places I want to go. Continue reading

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

With this year being one of the last that I live at home with my parents, it’s time I start making some resolutions on how to adult. Fortunately, I’ve been making progress in adulting. I made my first in-person bank deposit, purchased windshield wipers (but there’s something off with my driver’s side…), learned how to drive, and survived my first (And hopefully only, Baruch Hashem) car accident. So here’s some other things I want to learn how to do. Continue reading

Blade & Soul Adventures 1

I made a new character on Blade & Soul, and through it, I hope to make note of the side quests and important details of the main campaign. So I’m going to blog about what I realize. As of now, Meizee (Soul Fighter) is Level 50 HM 4 and Zillitor (Assassin) is Level 18. The more advanced character is in Intermission while Zillitor has just entered Jadestone Village.

The main idea of this is that some of the side quest characters are recurring, so I want to document each time I encounter them. Some of the characters I write about I know I’ll see in the future, others I don’t expect to.

Continue reading

Hair Color Ideas

My hairstylist recently used me as a hair model, so she colored my hair in a color scheme she chose. But I was thinking of different colors I’d like to try out. So below are written descriptions of colors I may do with my hair and dyes I love or want to try.


  1. Sparks Electric Blue (Lasts long, affordable, my go-to blue)
  2. NRage Cobalt Blue (Lasts long, affordable, but bleeds like crazy)
  3. Sparks Key Lime (I LOVE neon green)
  4. Pulp Riot Velvet (Reminds me of Crystal Violet)

Dye Combinations to Try

  1. Sparks Key Lime + Electric Blue or Mermaid Blue (Goal: Rich, vivid, jewel tone green- NOT TEAL)
  2. Sparks Electric Blue + Magenta Mania (Goal: Neon purple?)

Looks to Try

  1. Blue, Yellow (University of California)
  2. Neon Green, Neon Purple (makes me think of Playdough)
  3. Light Blue (Mermaid Blue), Neon Purple, Bright Pink (Unicorn/Cotton Candy)
  4. Blue, Orange (Complementary)
  5. Blue, Neon Green, Yellow (my ultimate form)

Dyes I Want to Try


  1. Makeup Monsters Chirp
  2. Sparks Yellow
  3. Arctic Fox Neon Moon


  1. Makeup Monsters Multi-pass
  2. Sparks Orange Crush


  1. Makeup Monsters Unforgettable Pink


  1. Makeup Monsters Twilight


  1. Makeup Monsters Sub Zero
  2. Manic Panic Blue Moon

Neon Blue

  1. Pravana Neon Blue
  2. Pulp Riot Nirvana


  1. Makeup Monsters Monster

EDIT: Added new dyes I want to try and organized each by color and priority

I’m 20 Now

Being 19 was a wilder ride than 18. During this age, I faced many fears. I’m kinda scared about what’s in store. In fact, this is my last age where I’ll be living at home, and I’ll probably turn 21 right before I leave for university.

I’ve been so busy balancing work (I basically work two jobs, for school and for my dad), school, and accident-related appointments.

If I’m not working, I’m in class. If I’m not in class, I’m at the doctor’s, mental therapist’s, or physical therapist’s. If I’m not at therapy or the doctor’s office, I’m doing homework. I don’t even have time to meet cute boys.

And as of recently, I’ve been busy trying to get a new class at my school so I can TAG UC Irvine. Without that class, I don’t think I’ll be able to get in, because Biomedical Engineering: Pre-Medical is their most popular engineering major. Even if I tagged UCI as a chemistry major, there’s a slim chance of appealing to BMEPM.

I didn’t get a chance to go out with my friends this year, although it’s only been a couple days and we’ll probably go out next weekend, hopefully. But when I can rest during the summer, knowing I’m transferring to a good school, it will be worth it.

Suicidal thoughts are coming back, although they’re not as antagonizing as the first half of 2016. It’s more like “I have so much shit to do, and if I die right now I don’t need to worry about it and the universe won’t exist without me anyway”.

And if I die, my parents won’t get compensation. Anyway, at this point I’m not too suicidal. Probably would help if I continued taking my meds, but I’m too lazy.

For now, I’ll just have to try to balance my life. I’m getting my hair done again soon, and I love existing when I have a full head of blue and green.

So let’s get some goals out of the way. Hoping to complete all these before the year ends.

  1. Complete the semester with straight As
  2. Make sure I’ll be taking a C-ID ENGR 220 course in Winter or Spring before I transfer
  3. TAG UCI for BMEPM
  4. Get some action
  5. Try VINIQ
  6. Apply to UCI, USC, UCLA, among others