Dizzywood Reunion

I might have made something like this already, but I want to establish a home base to get in contact with former Dizzywood players.

I had three usernames on Dizzywood, Meecha, Maizy, and MaizyStarRox.

Other users I remember are

Frosty1297 AKA Frosty AKA Lauren

Bftuna AKA “beefy tuna”




GoGirlStar AKA Rebecca- She has reached out to me via FB

Aggron AKA Alec- He reached out to me via Tumblr




3c2b1a AKA cba

Moonglade Luminescence AKA Elle


Mileysnumber1fan AKA Lydiarox AKA Lydia

UtterTedium AKA Donghai- Contacted me via WP Comment





There are so many others I met along the way, but I just can’t remember. I know this includes some of my closest friends, unfortunately. Some of these name might not be accurate either.

For those who have reached out to me, I am not forwarding their contact information without their permission, unless they comment below (if that ever happens).


My History of Dizzywood

Every December, I log back onto Chicken Smoothie (an adoptables game) to participate in the Advent calendar and Hanukkah festivities. During that time, I also trade for missed outcomes and anything else I missed during hiatus. I’ve kept this up for about 8 years now.¬†However, someone read my profile and saw that I’m from Dizzywood, so they mentioned it during a trade. I’m not really surprised, for the Dizzywood community showed me Chicken Smoothie. If I recall correctly, it was Fluffers99.

And, of course, I searched Dizzywood (the Twitter still follows me, by the way), and I wondered where everyone went. It’s been 11 years.¬†Here’s what I remember from back then, including numerous embarrassing moments and my terrible perspective at 10 years old.

I write this to acknowledge that I did many terrible things in the past. I am afraid of how past DW people will remember me, and maybe writing this will shoot myself in the foot. However, I want to be transparent, and I don’t want to cover up the fact that I was a jealous, self-centered, 10 year old back when I played Dizzywood.

I truly believe I have changed in the ~10 years since I left Dizzywood, and I hope those who remember what I did wrong will give me a second chance. Nonetheless, I understand if not. Continue reading

Issues with Greek Life (as a PNM)

This post may reference my previous Greek Life post, so I recommend reading that before reading this post.

I’m not going to use names of orgs because leadership changes every year, reputations can be tainted easily, and I don’t want to cause bad blood between me and the sororities. That being said, people who know me will know who I’m talking about and I will own up to that.
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Older Playlists from 2009-2010

Going through my old hard drive, I found some documents with songs I listened to. I figure many of my old playlists are lost because they were on platforms like MixPod, Imeem, and Grooveshark, which are now defunct. Fortunately, I wrote some of these songs down in documents and saved them offline.

Here are the songs I listened to from 2009-2010, around the time I finished 6th grade and started 7th. The titles reflect what I named them at the time.
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