K-Pop Playlists from October 2011

Here are some more songs I listened to in the past. This document was created in October 2011. Not sure what I was doing, but I guess I was making K-Pop CDs? Either that, or they were CDs that my brother’s ex-best friend’s dad made for me.
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Older Playlists from 2009-2010

Going through my old hard drive, I found some documents with songs I listened to. I figure many of my old playlists are lost because they were on platforms like MixPod, Imeem, and Grooveshark, which are now defunct. Fortunately, I wrote some of these songs down in documents and saved them offline.

Here are the songs I listened to from 2009-2010, around the time I finished 6th grade and started 7th. The titles reflect what I named them at the time.
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Lip Care Recommendations

My lips take a lot of abuse from liquid lipstick, so they need all the love they can get. My brother has┬ámy mom’s plump┬álips, and unfortunately they crack often.We use a variety of products to help us, none of which are outrageously expensive and some can be affordable even for those on a tight budget.

Neither of us regularly apply lip balm throughout the day. I have used my eos balm before I go to bed, but I don’t feel like it does much. All of the treatment is done at night. Keep in mind that we live in the Southern California climate and everyone’s body reacts to products differently, so experiences may vary. Continue reading