Final 2018 Goals Follow-Up

I always enjoy reflecting on my past goals and seeing how I met them after a few months have past. Back in July, I wrote a new set of goals that I hoped to meet. Here, I will comment on them and write some new ones. Continue reading


Lip Care Recommendations

My lips take a lot of abuse from liquid lipstick, so they need all the love they can get. My brother has┬ámy mom’s plump┬álips, and unfortunately they crack often.We use a variety of products to help us, none of which are outrageously expensive and some can be affordable even for those on a tight budget.

Neither of us regularly apply lip balm throughout the day. I have used my eos balm before I go to bed, but I don’t feel like it does much. All of the treatment is done at night. Keep in mind that we live in the Southern California climate and everyone’s body reacts to products differently, so experiences may vary. Continue reading

Tips For Living

1. Colorful mascara is all that’s necessary
2. Don’t watch movies with sex when family is in the room
3. Do all math problems (even science problems) in pencil
4. Keep all statements gender neutral (use the word one as much as possible and keep from saying “salesman”)
5. If you see something sexist going on (groping, verbal harassment, potential rape), do something about it, whether it is speaking out, physically stopping it, or reporting it to a trusted authority
6. Don’t tell anyone what to wear, unless it’s that stupid “Cool Story Babe, now make me a sandwich” shirt or any other kind of sexist or racist crap
7. Don’t criticize anyone for what they say, unless it begins with “girls can’t” or something against marginalized groups.
8. Remember that not every woman understands her self worth and may not be feminist or anything remotely close.

NOTE: Written March 2015. Finally released from drafts vault

Affordable Makeup

Here’s a list of affordable makeup that I hope can help anybody on a budget. I especially dedicate this to trans women who probably do not know where to start with makeup. The idea of this post is not cheap dupes to get until you can afford the better, higher end product. These are products that I would probably still buy even if I had the money to pay for the higher end equivalent. Continue reading

Eye Shadow Primer Reviews

Eye shadow primer is hella important to my makeup collection. It’s a product I’ve used since I started wearing makeup (I blame Kyla from UD in Macy’s Glendale). My mom and I are very pleased with the Primer Potion in Original and Sin. It was my only primer until I discovered makeup dupes on Pinterest. Thankfully, I had a cheaper alternative to the $22 primer. Except there’s one thing- Wet n Wild doesn’t sell this specific product anymore.

The Wet n Wild Fergie eye shadow primer in For My Primas was $6 from Walgreen’s. I don’t see any Fergie items on Wet n Wild’s website anymore, including the Maldives Sky palette.

However, I know Wet n Wild has a primer with a “new look” for $5. Maybe it is the same product?

I’ll have to keep this post super short since my products are obsolete and I don’t plan to buy the new one until I finish the 5 tubes of UD and WnW primers.